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    Holy shit those brows

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  2. fictograph:

    Hope this helps! I’m not really good at drawing hands (especially on pure digital media), but I thought you might get some use from my system. Treat it as a baseline breakdown, steps to use as you draw from reference.

    Other Tutorials: http://www.fictograph.com/tagged/tutorial

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    New Song by Imagine Dragons!

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    Check out a sneak peek storyboard from tonight’s new episode of LoK, where Bumi talks to Aang inside the statue room at the Southern Air Temple.

    Legend of Korra - Storyboards (x)

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    You are never alone with a good book. This charming campaign is from Grey Tel Aviv. Via Taxi 

    no wonder my room is always a mess. i’ve got whole armies camping in here while i sleep.

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  6. "Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?"
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    A Wild Concrete Buffer Appears of the Day: How many construction workers does it take to tame a wild concrete buffer? Eighteen.

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    this is still like one of my favorite videos ever

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    This man is gonna get divorced because of VIne.

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